The biggest Branding phenomena you will witness in 2023

The biggest Branding phenomena you will witness in 2023
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  • January 16, 2023
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Branding has always bewildered, bewitched and consumed those who appreciate smart and conscious representation of products and services. There is no way that the magic of Branding is going to die at least not anytime soon, if anything it is becoming even more powerful. Good Branding is a great engagement tool and the audience is attracted to it like bees to a flower.

Branding is what characterizes a company and distinguishes it from rivals. However, more than a memorable name and a stylish logo is required to capture the attention of modern consumers in this day of digital distractions. Even the most seasoned and nimble advertising is questioning how to stay relevant when you factor in the disruptions caused as a result of the looming financial crisis to society, industry, and consumers. It is essential to keep up with the latest trends and developments from logo design, colors, customer-driven strategies, tools and technology used, social media hashtags and so on. Now let us take a look at what lies ahead of us.

    1. 1. Daring Nostalgia

      In the first trend, companies are looking behind them as they search the past for inspiration. The revival of vintage and sentimental designs with a contemporary twist is known as “daring nostalgia.”

      Nostalgia is a marketing tactic that gives brands a compelling, lively way to represent themselves while appealing to the emotions and memories of their target audience.

    2. 2. Blandified Branding

      Many businesses have begun simplifying their branding to the most basic level, suggesting that the trend has also spread to the business world.

      For instance, Google and Airbnb have recently altered their logos to the trendy sans-serif style associated with minimalism. Prominent fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga, Balmain exhibit the same traits. Other companies are doing the same by utilizing fewer colors, more negative space, and straightforward typography. In reality, only one or two colors are used in the logos of 95% of major corporations. 

    3. 3. 3D Billboards

      Times Square received a visit from a large whale and a waterfall last summer. These enormous 3D billboard commercials caused a stir and heralded an avalanche of stunning and lifelike 3D adverts.

      Because they go beyond the confines of conventional billboard advertising and open up new avenues for creative expression, these immersive experiences are the future. We are going to see more of these immersive images take over the world and change the face of so many fantastic digital billboard spots.

    4. 4. Official hashtags

      A new branding trend that has become indispensable in recent years is official hashtags. Instagram alone has seven in ten branded hashtags. You can extend your reach to your customers’ followers by asking them to post about their recent purchases and using the hashtag. In addition, you can share screenshots of these customer-generated posts on your social media page to invite others to share their experiences and encourage leads to purchase.

      You can also use hashtags to gauge the pulse of your audience in addition to engaging customers. Monitoring these closely can give you a better idea of how they perceive your brand—in addition, having specific hashtags for particular products and services allow you to see their impact on your customers.

    5. 5. Pop Culture Influence

      In the modern day, brands produce content. Brands and influencers collaborate to celebrate pop culture, from TikTok challenges to the newest Netflix series that can be binge-watched. Therefore, joining in on the action when something is trending on social media is imperative.

      Thanks to the strength and influence of social networks, we’ll continue to see growth in branding and design that mirrors what people consume. We will observe a reflection of design and branding depending on such trends, whether they were affected by a specific social media trend or a well-liked TV series. You will come across various battles of wits among brands around something that is in trend.

      A conversation before the launch of a TV series on Prime Video-

      Granth’s smart use of design and content after the Commonwealth Games, 2022-

      Brands want to engage better by being a part of the ongoing trends and conversations.

    6. 6. LED Advertising

      Advertisers are looking for better offers today. The objective of effective advertising is to draw customers with goods and services. LED advertising allows businesses to reach consumers where they live, work, and play.

      In a market where online advertising competes fiercely, LED Campaign establishes a method for businesses to speak directly with consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products.

      Marketers are searching for creative methods to explain their services to prospective clients. Big corporations will spend a lot of money on outdoor advertising to reach a specified population because it enables companies to reach a particular area.

      Building a brand takes more work now than it did in the past. To begin with, it emphasizes a brand’s actions rather than its appearance. As a result, brand activism is spreading more widely. Many businesses also focus on building authentic consumer experiences to meet demand. And to top it all off, tech-driven advertising strategies that use analogue and digital channels have become the standard. Granth can be the trusted partner for your brand, we use wit, emotions, right tools, intelligence to bring you the best of the best. Contact us, to make this new year truly a year of YOU!



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