What does a Branding Agency do?

What does a Branding Agency do?
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  • January 12, 2023
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Understanding what a branding agency is: 

A branding agency creates, reinvents, and launches various brands. This agency plans and supervises client branding strategies, including promotion and support in advertising. It is the process of developing a company’s brand, such as name, identity, and communication platforms. Creativity and design are also a part of Branding, but the main focus is on brand strategy by creating or revamping brands.

Branding agencies give organizations a competitive edge, reach their target market and expand it, and help determine a coherent brand communication strategy. Apart from corporate and startup Branding, it spans personal Branding, luxury branding, celebrity branding, and more. A branding agency understands and supports your brand, and they will talk with you about your values, goals, and mission for the venture. After studying this information, they will help provide a strategy to grow your brand and provide you with the right toolkit to cement your brand’s purpose and a new identity.

It is worth mentioning that some branding agencies may take support of White Label Agencies in case of increased workload or unavailability of human resources. So even branding agencies might outsource their tasks to a different agency.

When you decide to go ahead with a branding agency, determine your requirements and approach a boutique or a full-service branding agency. The former is smaller in size. It focuses on more niche products and industries, providing a customized set of services. The latter is a large agency providing integrated marketing communication and complete advertising and marketing services.

How can branding improve your business performance?

The main task in the hands of a branding agency is to hold a mirror informing the general public about what the business is all about. This way, they can set their clients’ products apart from the competitors’ products. How people perceive you depends on what you show them, branding agencies know exactly what your customers would relate to and will guide you accordingly.

Another crucial responsibility of the branding agency is to figure out the kind of content you want to use for your social media platforms and the website. They find a point of common interest between you and your audience and center the branding strategy around it. For instance, you are setting up the target market on an Instagram advertising campaign for your most loved product. A branding agency ensures that you are consistent in your communications. You will end up confusing your existing audience and attracting the wrong ones. Ideas that are not “on brand” will waste resources unnecessarily.

Sets you apart

Your consumers can quickly identify your key strengths and unique propositions that might differ from the other companies in your business landscape.

Effective Branding thus helps your consumers make informed decisions before purchasing and can be a key influencer in their decision-making process. According to a study by Instapage, 63% of consumers are annoyed with the repeated blasting of generic advertising messages, and 90% of these consumers found personalization appealing.

Solidify brand image

Corporate Branding is done as per the company’s target group. If done correctly, it helps build a fruitful relationship with the users. Social media platforms strengthen the brand image leading to a strong brand core and recall value.

Today, in the digital branding era, if brands can grasp consumers’ tastes, they can efficiently communicate with them through targeted ads compared to traditional Branding.

Increased product line

Suppose your company is pondering upon coming up with a range of ‘skincare’ products after the ‘makeup line’ is booming. In that case, your branding agency will spread the information and create excitement among your audience. The users could trust the brand’s new launch because the first one was led with great Branding and quality ingredients.

When purchasing products and services, 59% of shoppers said they would instead buy from the brands they trust. It goes without saying that brand building is crucial.

These are some reasons why Branding can bring about a sea of change, thereby improving your company’s brand image. This is especially applicable to FMCG branding, where new brands pop up every day, thereby increasing competition.

Efficient brand positioning

Marketing and Positioning follow Branding. A marketing plan not only follows the brand guidelines but communicates the brand values most innovatively and effectively, which helps in ‘lead generation.’ Also, your first point of contact with your potential users is usually through your logo and the tagline.

Branding is the first step to effective Communication strategies. Brand Positioning can be considered the other side of the same coin when it works directly in tandem with Branding.

Over time, it was built in the customer’s mind through various marketing initiatives and advertisements put across by the brand.

Branding includes the visual elements of your company, like logos and color scheme, and your brand personality, like the tone and marketing message. Granth can combine all these elements and merge them into Branding that delights you and your target audience.

We are a branding agency in Ahmedabad providing unique branding solutions. We even have specialists that work specifically in SEO, ads, social media, and content planning. This puts Granth in a great position to build your company’s Branding for much less money than hiring branding staff in-house. Reach out to us to get a customized branding plan for your business.



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